Thursday, 23 October 2014

This or That Tag

I've been tagged by Miss Vay (salut VĂ©ronique!) to do the This or That Tag.

So here it goes!

1. Blush or bronzer?  Blusher! I love rosy cheeks.

2. Gloss or lipstick? Both. Both have good and bad points. Gloss you can usually apply on the go, but then lipstick is not as sticky.

3. Eyeliner or mascara? The one that does a difference is eyeliner on my water and tight line

4. Foundation or concealer? Foundation. I'm not one with under eyes bags, and even if I need concealer for my spots, I'd rather have them pop a little and have the rest of my complexion uniform.

5. Pressed or loose eyeshadow? Pressed. Easier to apply!

6. Brushes or sponges? Brushes. I never seem to arrive to anything good with sponges.

I'm now tagging Lisa-Jane and Julie! :)

Monday, 20 October 2014

Manicure Monday: Mavala Twilight Blue

So I finally post my Manicure Monday on an actual Monday for a change!

Today I'm sporting Mavala again, but in Twilight Blue. Twilight Blue is a dusky, dusty dark blue. It's quite unique, as I've seen dusty blues before, but not quite that dark. And then again I've seen dark blues before, but not with that grey undertone.

Again, as with other Mavala polishes, it applies like a dream. Mavala polishes are easily becoming my favourite polishes, more so than Essies. Granted, their colour range is not as big as Essie, but you can get real gems in them. Like this one and Ginza that I had last week.

Speaking of Ginza, I took it off yesterday, so it lasted the best part of a week! Without top coat, so it's pretty good.

I grabbed this one on sale for about 2$, but Mavala polishes retails for 5-6$ in Canada, and 5€ in France (someone has to explain why European things are cheaper in Canada than in France?!)

Friday, 17 October 2014

My Little Box October 2014 DVF

I already knew that if I was coming to Paris, I would susbcribe to the My Little Box. I just think the packaging is pretty and I like the fact  they include a Kanako print each month. I love the drawings' girly style!

So once I knew my postal adress I meant business. I didn't know when the boxes are supposed to be shipped so I was happily surprised to receive it on Monday. I got it delivered to the office so I had to wait until I was home to take pictures. But then obvisouly when I came home it was dark. But I really wanted to open the box so you will excuse my badly lit pics I'm sure!

The theme this month was a collaboration with Diane von Furstenberg. I like this designer because there is always an aura of sexy around her and also because she comes from Belgium!

So inside the box, there was one scarf from DVF, that came in thress shades. I got the multi-coloured ones. The other choices were monochrome black and monochrome green. It seems that the multi-coloured one is the most common one, from what I've seen online, but it doesn't matter, I haven't seen anyone else wearing it here. And anyway when I'll be back in Canada nobody's going to have one hahaha!

Unto the box now. In every one there is a Kanako print, as I've said earlier. This month's has DVF on top of  her desk, and it says: "Be the Woman You Want to Be". There is also a magazine, My Little World, which this months features a lot about the DVF brand.

And then you have the beauty products. There seems to always be one from the My Little Box own brand (this month it was a micellar water) and other ones, that vary from one subbie to another. In mine, I got a Sephora Rouge Infusion in Red Essence and an Atelier Maquillage Draw & Light Duo in brun universel.

I also got a pin, representing lips but the picture I took was just so crappy.

Overall I like my box and I can't wait to receive the next one! As opposed to other boxes I receive, they don't just send us dud colours. I will wear for sure the Sephora red!
Are you subscribed to the My Little Box? what have you received this month?